Parking Policy and Variance Form

-Parking (see Covenants):
The "Parking Variance Application Form" below is to be used if there will be a vehicle parked outside of your residence in contrast to the requirements in the Covenants.  Generally, if granted, a Parking Variance will only be granted for up to 3 months, and unlikely to be continued beyond that time period.

Vehicles are not to be parked in the driveways on an ongoing or continuing basis.  Should you have a vehicle that you will not be parking within your garage, make arrangements to park it outside of the neighborhood. Work with the Board if you have any questions. 

Recreational vehicles/campers should only be parked for a day or two as they are loaded or unloaded/cleaned. Work with the Board if you require more time.

-Relevant Currrent Covenant Sections Cited for Convenience Here:

  • Vehicles and Disabled automobiles shall not be stored on streets, driveways, or lots within the subdivision. No person shall repair or rebuild any vehicle within the subdivision, except within a garage. Cars allowed on the streets and driveways in the subdivision must at all times be operable, currently licensed, and maintain a current inspection sticker (if such inspection is required by a governmental entity). All vehicles must be kept in the garage and may not be regularly parked in the driveway or on the streets.
  • No Trucks or Recreational Vehicles. No trucks; trail bikes; recreational vehicles; snowmobiles; campers; trailers; boats; boat trailers; vehicles other than passenger vehicles or pickup or utility trucks with a capacity of one ton or less; shall be parked, stored or otherwise kept on any lot or street within the Property, unless kept in a closed garage.  No ski-mobile, snowmobile, or other recreational vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine may be operated within the Property except for purposes of ingress and egress.  The foregoing restrictions shall not be deemed to prohibit commercial and construction vehicles from making deliveries or otherwise providing services to the lots, in the ordinary course of their business.
  • ***BOD minutes November 2023:  Review of HOA CCRs, Section 3.21 – 
    • Revisit Parking Variances and HOA covenants revisions

    "The board reviewed changes to parking variance requirements, made at the October 3rd BOD meeting. An addendum to HOA covenants may be necessary and will be discussed with the HOA attorney.  The following information was reviewed:

    The state of Colorado created a law, effective August 9th, 2023, that prohibits HOAs from regulating streets/rights-of-way owned by the city or state.  The BOD is working to either amend or revise the covenants, which requires the input and direction of an attorney.   Through discussions and considering input from concerned homeowners in the HOA, the BOD is asking that residents voluntarily continue to park vehicles in garages.  A parking variance will still be required of homeowners who need to park on driveways for extended periods of time. There are quite a few issues to consider now that the restriction for parking on streets can no longer be enforced.

    -The overall look of the neighborhood has kept property values high and creates a clean look to the HOA grounds.

    -Vehicles parked in streets can create a safety hazard for the many bicycle riders, walkers, runners, pets, and school children who access the Spring Creek trail.

    -Having driveways and streets cleared of vehicles creates an easy and efficient situation for lawn mowing and landscape maintenance crews, snow removal operations, and arborist services. The costs for these services would likely increase if time spent working throughout the property increases.  These costs would have to be covered by the association.

    -Cars parked in streets during snow removal operations could be damaged by equipment or other vehicles using the street sliding into them.

    -Emergency vehicles may have a difficult time accessing space in front of homes."

-Current Parking Variances in effect:

  • 2808 Moore Ln.: 3-4 days, 2 times per month

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