Architectural Review Board

From the Covenants:  "Prior to commencement of work to accomplish any proposed improvement to property, the person proposing to make such improvement to property ("Applicant") shall submit to the Architectural Review Board at its offices such descriptions, surveys, plot plans, drainage plans, elevation drawings, landscaping plans, construction plans, specifications and samples of materials and colors as the Architectural Review Board shall reasonably request showing the nature, kind, shape, height, width, color, materials, and location of the proposed improvement to property."  See the Covenants for details.

Contact the Architectural Review Board (ARB) prior to starting any work on the outside of your property, or proposed landscape change.  The ARB form for submitting a plan is located on the "Form-Architectural Review Board" Page.

Architectural Review Board

Roy Thompson

Eli Sherman

Lorrie Cordain (non-voting)